We are monometric.io

Monometric.io is a SaaS monitoring platform created by IT infrastructure experts and system development enthusiasts in response to a lack of existing products that met our needs.

This is our story.

The development of monometric.io

First code-named monitor, we started working on our SaaS monitoring platform early 2016.

At this time we were managing around 80 production critical servers and were using four different solutions to meet our needs for monitoring the infrastructure, service endpoints, product performance and alerting.

As demand for better and more consolidated monitoring grew, the solutions we relied upon struggled to keep up. Our most important infrastructure monitoring platform did not support the high number of data series we wanted to chart, and the available pricing options did not suit our needs.

We started working on a simple prototype of our own scalable monitoring platform, designed to support large scale IT operations with no limitations on the number of servers, metrics or data series, and we made sure that writing custom plugins to facilitate any number of custom metrics would be as easy as possible.

Launch of monometric.io

After two years of hard work, in the first quarter of 2018, we made monometric.io available to the public.

The platform was production ready, and we had already proved our concept by monitoring our own sets of demanding infrastructure during the past year.

Founding of Upnode AS

To support and manage the operations and further development of monometric.io, we founded Upnode AS and registered with the Norwegian business authorities in 2017.

Our offices are located in the south of Bergen, Norway, a few minutes from Bergen International Airport.

The people

Tom R Flo
Tom R. Flo, CEO

Tom has more than 10 years experience from the telecoms industry doing operations, server administration and development of underlying telecom systems. Worked six years for the multinational telecommunications company Telenor ASA overseeing thousands of servers responsible for delivering telecom services to millions of end-users.

Tom has experience working as CTO and CEO in the online marketing business, managing teams of developers, taking part in strategic business decisions and overseeing daily operations.

Tom recieved his degree in Computer Networks & Security from the University of South Wales in 2005.

Fredrik Bredeli
Fredrik Bredeli, CTO

Fredrik is a senior developer with more than 10 years experience with system development and architecture.

Fredrik has more than six years experience from IT operations in the health sector, where he was responsible for large-scale server environments supporting the daily operations of hospitals and health related services.

Fredrik has worked as a software developer in the oil & energy sector, developing solutions for subsea corrosion and erosion monitoring.

Fredrik recieved his degree in Computer Science from NTNU in 2009.

Christian Nikolaisen
Christian Nikolaisen, Operations

Christian has 20 years experience doing IT operations, software development and server administration from the telecoms industry.

As one of the founders of DataGuard AS in the mid 90's, Christian has a long track record of building and growing an IT business in an emerging market, while being responsible for daily IT operations, server management and system development.